Just a Squirrel

I am just a squirrel

No magic no nothing

I do what I do

I am weak

I am just a squirrel

I climb up trees

I don’t climb for fun

I climb to look

But to look for what

I am just a squirrel

Oh this tree looks nice

Oh I didn’t see that

I got to move on now

Back to the ground I go

I am just a squirrel

When I get to the bottom

I rest my tired hands

I rest my tired tail

I bask in the rays of sun through the trees

I am just a squirrel

The sun is nice

The air is so clear

I like it here

I cannot stay

I am just a squirrel

I hear a noise

I perk my head up slowly

I see something in the distance

It is a predator I must run

I am just a squirrel

That was warm

I like the sun light

Back to inspecting trees I go

I hope I can find “my” tree

I am just a squirrel

I am tired of this

I like the ground

It is nice there on the ground

I am just so scared

I am just a squirrel

Everyone found their tree

I just want to find mine

I just want to fit in

Oh that one looks good

I am just a squirrel

This one feels different

I really like this one

It could be the one

I have found my tree

I am just a squirrel

When I get to the top I like what I see

The view is amazing and the sun is perfect

I am so happy

What is that in the sky

I am just a squirrel

What is that thing in the sky

It has wings

I don’t have wings

Maybe it wants to be my friend

I am just a squirrel

You know what

I am scared

But I will hold my ground

This is my tree now

I am just a squirrel

I like where I am

I am happy in my tree

I have chosen my path

I will defend my path

I am the best squirrel I can be

This poem was written during my 3 hour solo on the Cal-Wood retreat last weekend. To be 100% honest with my wellness leaders I had no intention of writing anything down, I was going to take a nap, maybe doodle a little and just enjoy the outdoors. Now, not all my preliminary goals were abandoned, as soon I was dropped off I took a nap but after I woke up from that nap my plans quickly took a different path.

My backstory with nature is a fairly basic one, Texas boy living in the country (not a farmer) enjoying nature, making trails, and enjoying the Friday night bonfires after a hard week of school. Ok, so I had just awoken from my nap by this irritating noise I can only describe as a chirping. I looked around for the source of the noise that so rudely woke me from my nature nap and quickly found the source to be a black squirrel roughly 20 feet away in a tree. I thought about throwing a piece of bark at it to shut it up but every time I tried I just couldn’t get myself to release the bark. I laid back down attempting to take part 2 of my nap, I was just about to close my eyes when I heard a loud crunching behind me. I bolted up to investigate and what I found surprised me. In the shadows 40 feet was a bobcat chasing the squirrel up a tree. My first reaction was that my heart started racing and I realized my nap was no longer possible.

While my nap was the first thing on my mind, the second was the wellbeing of the squirrel that annoyed me out of my sleep. Now I realized you’re confused about why this would be my second thought, trust me I was also confused but none the less I found myself searching for the squirrel. It only took three eardrum breaking squeaks to pin point its exact location. Once I found it I did something that still only makes a little sense to me and I am the one trying to explain it. Here goes my best attempt to unravel the knot of information I gathered in that short time. First of all, we are the squirrel at one point of our life or another. Secondly, that the trees the squirrel tried on after another are the different paths in life and the different futures we live through. Thirdly, the beasts of the world, I believe in this case was a bobcat, are squirrels that couldn’t find their trees and gave up, only to try and stop others from finding theirs. Fourth, I the human in this situation is the protector of the squirrel, the one who gives encouraging words when all seems bleak. Lastly, that squirrel who found its tree will one day be the human guiding and protecting the squirrels of the future.

Now some may be asking what this weird story about a squirrel be related to wellness, but let me explain. This is a prime example of community wellness, I can already see the eyebrow raises and the thoughts of “he is crazy” but I can explain. It is a balanced cycle and requires every role to work. The squirrels are needed to find paths and forge the future. The predators are used to they give reason for the squirrels to continue to search and not stay on the ground. The human is needed to give inspiration to the squirrels and convert those predators to find their trees as well as the squirrels.

If you only take one thing away from this let it be this:

Climb, your tree is out there somewhere you just have to find it.

Written by Chris Watson, WLLC 2015-2016

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