Wellness in the Botanic Gardens

The WLLC trip to the Denver Botanic Gardens was great way for our students to get away from the pressures of college and focus on personal wellness for a few hours. We asked the students how this trip connected to Wellness. Here are some of their responses.

“I was able to observe the beauty of the garden, and compare it to the beauty I surpass in every day life.”


“It let me connect to myself, which is difficult to do in college because there’s always somebody around. This was relaxing and helped my mental wellness.”


“My personal wellness improved simply being around all the beautiful life that is at the gardens, but more specifically the activity of contemplative photography helped me build a more profound respect for the beauty of a moment.”


“Wellness sometimes includes taking a step back from the fast pace of life and enjoying the simple things in life such as a beautiful outdoor garden.”


“I connect this trip to both mental wellness and environmental wellness. In the gardens you are out in nature and can just free your mind form the craziness that is going on in the world around you. It lets you reconnect with yourself which is good and calming for the mind. This also showed environmental wellness because there were lots of plant that are necessarily native to this area and the garden took special care of the plants to make them look nice and thrive in their current habitat.”


Thank you to all who were able to come on this trip!

Written and Photographed by Brianna Johnson, WLLC Program Coordinator

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