Remind Yourself

Face blankUntitled 

Eyes angled down

Forward march

Around and around

Face blank

Arms stiff at sides

Quickly paced

Chest sink and breath rise

Face blank

Heel-toe, heel-toeUntitled

Push forward

Heart pounding alone

Eyes flick

A nervous smile

Slow your step

Prolong the short while

Eyes flick

UntitledSun shining bright

Light touch running

Fingering the light

Eyes flick

Keep chasing shine

Heart fluttering

Memory a sign

Look up

UntitledSmile with your eyes

Let lips part

Let out the soft sigh

Look up

See afternoon

Listen now

Hum a little tune

Look up

You’re not alone

All the world

Conspires to be home

Written and Photographed by C. Seffense, WLLC 2015-2016

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