Change – To Ebb and Flow

UntitledIf there’s one thing that I have noticed along my journey here on earth, it is that I really enjoy change: change in all aspects. Change meaning having a completely different breakfast everyday; change meaning hanging out with new or different social groups; or even change meaning viewing each day in a different perspective. I believe that what is so attractive about change is the transition that comes along with it. The change to allow yourself to become vulnerable and accepting to what is shifting in or out of your life. The challenge you embrace to become adaptable to your present life and what is going on and the growth you experience throughout the entire process is what I thrive for. I believe I’m on this earth to embrace the concept of change and to be the change!

Now, transitions come in all different forms. Some are easy, hard, smooth, rough, short, or way too long. It’s all how you perceive and interpret the change you are encountering. For instance, college is a prime example of me taking change by the balls and going with it. There was no choice- I was going to go to college and that was it. So, I decided to embrace the whole thing! Throughout summer I allowed myself to express and experience what I was feeling about leaving home. I allowed myself time to detach from my home and open my mind to new experiences, people, and a whole new environment. By the time I arrived in Denver, I was so excited to move into my dorm and to have a new sense of freedom and meet new people. I was fully ready to embrace this new college culture and allow myself to evolve in it.

Here I am, just finishing up week five, and I am filled with all different emotions and questions. I have found that I have been pondering these questions frequently, “Why did I decide to come to school? Is this where I want to be? Have I found my people? Who even am I?! What do I want out of this experience? Why in the world do I consume so much caffeine and sugar?!” It’s very natural for me to question myself. I’m very into my own emotional intelligence, and I like to constantly challenge myself and where I stand. That directly relates to my constant drive for change. Sometimes I feel as if I am lost or not connected to my true self. But in reality, I am not lost. I am here. I am ME. It’s the new environment that I now stand in that constantly challenges me and my presence. And that right there is the exact reason why I embrace change wholeheartedly. In my eyes, it’s a beautiful thing to be constantly challenged and pushed to be the true you.

UntitledThe place in which I find relief when I am flustered or questioning my being and where I see the most clarity is when I come to the realization that this is the PRESENT. Right now, it doesn’t matter exactly WHY I’m here or WHAT I am doing. What matters is that I am present in the moment and that I am doing the best I can do to be the best version of myself. I know that I am here for a reason, and it’s not to just learn. But, so far I have noticed that college is far more than learning. My trust lays in the hands of the universe, and I wouldn’t be here if the universe didn’t have me here for a reason. It’s the concept of the present and reality itself that allow me to calm down and keep my desire for change and new experiences alive.

UntitledEssentially, what I am getting at is that as long as I am taking care of my own being, it doesn’t matter what else is going on around me. No matter what, life will continue to ebb and flow and I’m just here for the ride. But, I’m not just going to ride the wave, I am going to be the wave. If this is the only chance I get to be in a live form on earth’s surface then I am going to make it a hell of a ride. This directly relates to my emotional and social wellness because without the two, this path I am deciding to take would be awfully rigorous and strenuous to be on.

Written by Delaney Dickinson, WLLC 2015-2016


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