Emotional Wellness in My Eyes

UntitledThis past weekend I went on a retreat in the mountains, supported by all my friends and classmates, I really got to thinking; what is emotional wellness? Is it simply being happy? Is it just the lack of mental illness that impacts our emotions as humans? While I am a firm believer in being in love with yourself first as a key role in any type of wellness, I think it definitely applies here. I also think that maintaining healthy relationships, keeping that support system of people who care for you, is extremely necessary to ever be anywhere near emotionally well. Having someone there to help you up when you fall in my opinion, is required for sanity, not just emotional wellness.

Having recently broken off one unhealthy romantic relationship, I came to the conclusion that a vital aspect of emotional wellness is healthy relationships. Looking back, it feels as though I had a rock and for the longest time thought it was a diamond until one day I just didn’t anymore. I never believed in “falling out of love” until it happened to me. I moved to Denver and the space in my new long-distance relationship gave me clarity that I simply didn’t have before. I realized that being able to recognize when something isn’t right for you, especially with regards to unhealthy relationships, is extremely important in emotional wellness and in life as a whole. Every day you make choices and the possibilities of outcomes are endless, you have a billion possible futures, going with the future that is most familiar, is not always the best choice. Emotional wellness is loving yourself enough not to settle for what’s familiar, even if it means being alone for a time. After realizing all this, I broke things off in my long distance relationship.

Coincidentally a few days after this one of my good friends asked me for dinner, specifically “when I was ready”. I decided to give this a shot, and I was introduced to an entirely new meaning of relationships. This new relationship made me realize so much about what a relationship is, and what a relationship should be. A relationship is dating your best friend. A relationship is dating someone who looks at you like the sun. A relationship is dating someone who thinks you’re an angel on your absolute worst days. This sudden change and realization made me come to terms with what emotional wellness truly is.

Emotional wellness is being happy. It is loving yourself. It is possessing and maintaining a support system of friends and family that care about you. It is choosing not to settle for what is familiar. It is surrounding yourself with healthy relationships and dating people who look at you like you’re the sun. This first month in college, and specifically this past weekend in college, I’ve realized emotional wellness is all of these things. I look forward to learning more about what emotional wellness is to me as this school year progresses.

Written by Riley Robert, WLLC 2015-2016

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