No Pain, No Wellness Gain

UntitledOne step, two

One leg drags behind

Up the mountains my burning legs climb – that’s what exercise will do

My body wanted to quit, but my brain had other plans in mind

People warned me back home that the mountain’s altitude might make things tough

Some arrive not feel physically well and need time to adjust

For me, I feel fine as long as the water in my bottle is enough

I miss the days when I relaxed in my mom’s car – at DU, walking is a must

But it’s actually ok; it’s quite alright

Exercise is key to feeling physically fit

Enlightened am I after my trip to the mountains; in my brain a light shines bright

If being physically well means my body has to ache, burn, and sting, then I’m ready to take the hit

UntitledI say bring it on!

Physical wellness is at the center of all the others wellness types.

If you’re not alive or healthy, your other good practices of wellness may be withdrawn.

Personally, I need fitness to compensate for all my meal swipes

Denver and DU are the perfect places for me to achieve my goal

To study all aspects of wellness without forgetting to exercise and eat right – true physical fitness

If I have other great wellness practices, without physical wellness I won’t be whole.

Now’s the time to act; in the future, physical wellness is I what I dream to witness

Written by Toni Dunlap, WLLC 2015-2016


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