swimming shoes

This poem was inspired by sleeping under the stars at the wellness retreat. I wanted to write something that expressed what it is like to feel spiritually connected to the energy of your environment. I had a specific image in my head when I was looking at the stars of what it would be like to be on the other side looking down from the sky, and this poem is how I tried to paint that picture with words.

swimming shoes

put on your swimming shoes,

we’ll write Odysseys at the

end of the ocean

and see the stars from

the moon’s point of view.

You’ll fish for compliments,

I fish for galaxies –

in the empty wilderness,

we’ll both find our

nonexistence speaks louder

than words.

We hold Capricorn at

the end of thin

fishing lines, and

the planets are our floorboards, creaking,

crawling, curving

around our toes like sand as we stand,

wading at the edge

of the gods’ ocean.

For me, writing is a huge part of my wellness practices. I journal almost every day, and write poems as often as possible. It is a vital part of how I express myself and what I use to work out my thoughts in a visible and tangible way.

Written by Anna Santoro, WLLC 2015-2016


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