Transition to College

Starting college has been a very emotional time. I feel like I am going crazy half the time and I’m constantly treading water just to stay a float. My mental health is, well let’s just say, alright… It’s a constant battle between freaking out and having complete meltdowns and having meltdowns about having meltdowns because I cannot get stuff down when I’m having a meltdown. Does this make sense?… Ya it doesn’t make sense to me either. Glad we’re on the same page. However, even though my mental health has been a constant battle I have learned many coping methods to deal with this issue. Meditation and yoga have really been my medicine during my journey here so far. I have been doing yoga for quite some time now, but I have learned to appreciate every moment of my practice. When I am in a class I cherish every moment I am there. It is my time to work hard, relax, and have some “me” time, which is very hard to obtain while at school. I feel overall that even though college has been a little bit of a struggle when it comes to my mental wellness I have becoming stronger at dealing with emotions and also I have learned to appreciate the small moments of self reflection.

Ahh Freshman 15… Legendary myth? or True? I honestly could not tell you. Personally I feel like I am in the best shape ever. Partially because I get the privilege of running from Sturm to Bettchoer every SINGLE DAY! Note to future self do not do that. But I mean I’m not complaining its a good work out. However, dorm food really needs to up its game. Pizza and French fries at every meal are not healthy and I know what your all thinking. “Well you don’t have to eat them” but really if you put out pizza and curly fries it’s not even a choice at that point of whether or not your going to eat them. It’s just an accepted norm at that point. Oh and then there is late night were there is amazing food, however, did you know that eating late at night is extremely unhealthy for you..? Well now you do! But does this stop me? No! However, I try to stay conscious on what I consume and I also try to eat lots of fruit and a salad at every meal so at least I’m trying!

Emotions Emotions. Really the world would be a lot easier without these little stinkers sometimes. I feel like emotions go along with relational wellness and this has been very hard for me during this year so far. Since I am from Colorado my boyfriend and I are still kind of together. But not really. This has been very hard for me. Not only that, but also relationships dealing with friends. I miss all my close friends I had in high school. I miss all the inside jokes the laughs etc.. Not saying that people at DU are not fabulous it just takes time to build relationships like the ones we graduated from high school with. This especially makes it hard when you are dealing with something and you feel like you can’t tell people about it because they won’t fully understand. To get over this I go to the friends I have made and tell them about my problems. It’s still hard because they do not get it fully and they shouldn’t. It’s hard to only know someone for 4 weeks and expect them to know your life, that just doesn’t happen. But it’s okay to try because that’s how relationships are built.

Written by Lexie Karet, WLLC 2015-2016

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