Though it may seem that being well is impossible, whether you find yourself struggling physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially, etcetera, do not lose hope. We swim in the sea of life, some drowning, some gasping for breath, all searching for land and hope and prosperity… We find ourselves surrounded by illness. Mental illness. Physical illness. Social illness. A world of illness. And it is the end goal to find oneself “unscathed”, untouched, unharmed, at life’s shore. Find success. Find love. Find a life worth living.

Do not lose hope in your goals, no matter how hard life may seem. You will find yourself happy and whole and healthy one day, looking back at struggles and realizing your growth in them.

Just something to think about in order to say well. Motivate yourself. Exercise, whether it be physically or mentally. Love who you are. Focus on your wellbeing. Rest, take care of your body. Eat well, give your body what it needs to survive and thrive. Be happy, find things that give your soul joy. Treat people positively. Do not take your life for granted. Love others. And always believe in who you are and the potential you have in this life, in this world. You can do this. Just do it.


Yes, these are a few really cheesy motivational pictures, but I feel that sometimes in life it is just what I need to get through the day; just a little peace of positivity to motivate my life and actions and dreams. Often times, especially when I find myself very busy with school, homework, and relationships, I don’t take the time to motivate myself. I sit there, struggling, and wonder why I am doing something. What’s the point? I need to step back, and evaluate my life. Why am I here? What is my ultimate goal? Just this past week, my calculus teacher from high school emailed me, informing me of the news of my old high school, and hoping that I’m doing well. Just hearing from this man I highly admired from home inspired me. It reminded me of what I am doing, why I am doing it, and what I aim to achieve. Little things like inspirational poems, quotes, and even emails from past teachers can inspire you, motivate you, and encourage you in your sufferings. (:

Written by Nikky Johnson, WLLC 2015-2016

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