An Escape from Reality

As I am adjusting to the hectic college lifestyle I sometimes forget to take care of myself so I will not feel stressed out. After this weekend I realized that I cannot let this happen because it is not healthy way to live my life as a student. Last weekend I adventured out into the beautiful Colorado mountains for the Wellness LLC retreat. For me this retreat was a chance take a break from my busy schedule and take some time to take care of myself mentally and recharge for the upcoming week.

UntitledThroughout the weekend I was able to let go of all my worries and troubles that filled my mind and enjoy myself by participating in activities I enjoy. From a yoga class, stargazing, hiking, coloring, and even taking pictures of the gorgeous scenery I found myself to be more relaxed and happy. Since I was enjoying the activities over the retreat I was able to release my stress instead of bottling it up. By the end of the retreat I did not want to leave and face the reality of school, since I had such a wonderful time. Even though I was disappointed to leave, I felt more calm and determined to get through the busy week ahead of me.

UntitledThis made me realize that I need to set time aside from school to focus on myself. College has been very overwhelming at times so it is ok to escape from the world every one in a while and relax. From now on I plan on implementing this idea even if it may seem difficult at first. All I need to do is find a healthy balance and to remember to take care of myself.

UntitledWritten and Photographed by Danielle Nebel, WLLC 2015-2016


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