If You Want To Be Happy, BE

Maybe it’s because I am going to his concert this coming week, or maybe it’s just my undying adoration for him; but I have ModSun on the brain. Because of this mental plaque, I am finding myself incredibly inclined to write a blog post on the topic. So here it is. My soulmate, my muse and my spiritual inspiration: ModSun.

UntitledFor those of you unfamiliar, ModSun is a rapper, artist and author who categorizes his genre as “hippy hop.” He is dedicated to spreading positivity and self-love through music and art. I love his message. I love his delivery. And I love what he is doing for the world.

There are endless amounts of quotes and lyrics of his that I draw inspiration from. Whenever I am in a funk or tough situation, ModSun helps get me through. He is such a contributor to my emotional and spiritual wellness that I find myself wanting to share his work and his message with almost everyone I meet. One of my personal favorite songs of his is entitled, “Happy As F***.” Though a little vulgar, the message appeases my adolescent anxieties like nothing I have found before.

I don’t really know how to put it into words, but there is just something about a ModSun song that puts my soul at ease. A simple google search of “mod sun quotes” will leave your screen flooded

Written by Claire Boggs, WLLC 2015-2016

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