I Think I’m a Rose

Our Wellness excursion to the Denver Botanical Gardens was personally both an escape and a coming home of sorts. The immersement in a field of life helped lift me from social standards that are placed on us in a college setting, and the task of contemplative natural photography gave me the chance to open my mind to similarities between my existence and that of a flower’s. One specific idea that really struck home was this idea that both the rose and myself are fruits from some great tree of emptiness that exists as a foundation for our reality. I wanted to express how the perception of separateness can trap someone in their own body like a cage, and how even though the fruit and the flower are both part of the same organism they appear to be distinct and separate. This physical “uniqueness” is the same mechanism for how the illusion of a self or the ego is formed in the human psyche, basically that there is nothing else in the world that appears to be you, so you must only identify with yourself.


Floribunda Rose

Flower and fruit,

Ego and you

Created in connection

Separated by connection

They are one

But appearance says otherwise

Pride in uniqueness:

I am different

But now I am lonely.

Joy in equality:

I am you.

The stem feeds the flower,

Creation feeds the creative.

What is beautiful?

The ground that is shared

The black box,

Defining all light inside.

Written by Conor Sullivan, WLLC 2015-2016

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