The Dancing of the Stars

Tonight the sky is black, and dark and deep

Each star a glistening tear the universe did weep

It stretches ever on and on, lasting forever and a day

One giant, twirling, swirling astronomical soiree

The planets spin among the stars in sprightly dance

As comets tails leave brilliant trails throughout the great expanse

Humans ask and wait but an invitation the stars do deny

So today we gaze with jealous eyes upon the darkening sky

Waiting for the universe to take notice of our world, so small

A pale blue dot among the dancing stars, almost not there at all

For, if the universe could breathe, and see, and sigh

We would be one breath, one blink, one ever-searching speck

among the black, dark, deep sky

It is easy to feel small in this world. The highways we drive on wind under overpasses and through city streets that cower beneath towering skylines. As they stretch on to the coasts, they pass through miles and miles of desert, and long expanses where forests seem to have no end. We work in buildings swarming with busy people. We sleep in apartments complexes where the intimate moments, late night fights, and cozy Sunday mornings of countless others are only a paper thin wall away.UntitledWe are surrounded at all times by the millions of others that inhabit this earth. People with their dreams, desires, and deepest sufferings, animals, organisms, insects- swarming, burrowing, hunting. Among so many and so much, you and I make up one tiny part of this world. Yet we are all so deeply connected, and each one of can make an immense impact. We often look to the sky to confirm our sense of smallness. The vastness of the universe both humbles us and ask us to revaluate our place. As they traverse lives many paths, countless people find themselves wondering how as just one person they could make a difference. With each repetition of the idea that a person is too small, or to insignificant to have meaningful purpose or connection, emotional and spiritual wellness is chipped away piece by piece.UntitledEvery drop of water contains a universe within it. The strings of a spider web hold enormous strength. Each flake of snow is a display of incredible precision and beauty. Tiny grains of sand, and blades of green, green grass make up much bigger things when all squished together. Thoughts, and feelings, and voices make up collective pain, and joyous happiness that spans across continents. In times where we each feel minute and irrelevant, it is a gift to remember that often it’s the smallest things that are the finest.


Written by Allison Grossberg, WLLC 2015-2016


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