White Girl

What do you see around these lifeless halls?

Mindless faces starring down at their I-Phones

Every girl a replica of the same doll

Same name, same face, all just skin and bones

Outfits consist of Yoga Pants and North Face

Reeking from time spent with Starbucks coffee beans

Determined to not feel out of place

The stereotypical white girl teen

Yet there are some girls that have a mind

And rather be a lemming choose to be unique

These girls are curious and kind

And not afraid to befriend a geek

So with their knowledge they are able to see

All the can accomplish to the highest degreeUntitled

I wrote this poem last year because I was so frustrated with all the people at my High school. AGH! They were all the same! Worried about the littlest things. I guess words to describe them would include basic, plastic, unoriginal—you can get the gist. I would be walking down the hallway and everyone was just absorbed in their own virtual world. I am not into technology much, and do not care for being on my phone, so this really irked me. I hated it even more when I tried to have a conversation with someone and they would be texting on their phone. Ugh I will never understand people like that. It was refreshing when I would meet the rare gem who wouldn’t be on their phone and had bigger dreams than getting married, having a family, and living the typical suburban life.

My senior year in High school, I decided to explore the different groups in my High school and strayed away from the friend group I had had since Elementary school. It was hard to do, but I was able to meet so many amazing and different people that I otherwise never would have met.

When I found this poem the other day, I couldn’t help but laugh at how awful High school was. It made me appreciate DU and all the people that are here. I am so grateful to go to such an amazing school with such amazing people. There are so many unique individuals that go to DU and I’m so lucky to be one of their peers.

Written by Cassidy Knipp, WLLC 2015-2016

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