A note from a tired, exhausted and still functioning freshman

Earlier this week while watching Netflix, I had a realization. I was falling victim to a disease, procrastination. Procrastination is a real disease I swear, and has very real symptoms. The symptoms of procrastination are increased Netflix watching, not having the ability to leave bed, and continual eating. Looking in the mirror I realized that I had fallen victim to this disease and I had a severe case. A calendar reminder ran across my screen interrupting my movie. The words went along the lines of make sure you did all homework for Monday, scared me a third to death which was lucky because the procrastination had me half dead already. With barely any life left I arose from bed like adrenaline had just been pumped into my veins. Running to my desk I thought to myself that is not me, I get all my work done before I relax. I thought that I was losing my mind, mad at myself for not doing my homework I violently opened my backpack to find the homework which I had forsaken. The only paper I found in my backpack was a loose piece of notebook paper that said “Relax bro you’re good, ha-ha got you –Chris Watson”. My heart felt relieved and I exhaled like I just defused a bomb. In a situation in which I could have laughed and passed it off, I examined the situation and was ashamed of the reactions I had. Then a lesson I had learned popped into my head, about none other than mental wellness. I had under appreciated mental wellness and therefore paid the price. After that event I no longer devoted my time to either just free time or work time, but implant a proper mixture of both. This event opened my eyes to the actual importance of the different aspects of wellness as a whole. Now this is not a transformation story but I would like to express that since that day the healthy mixture of work and play has made living my life an accomplishable task. So far I am passing the test but the real test will be to ask me senior year how I am doing.

Written by a tired, exhausted and still functioning freshman, WLLC 2015-2016


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