The Beauty of Silence

UntitledI sat down on the cold rock, looked out to where the light was hitting the side of the mountain, and just breathed. With each breath I could feel bits of stress being released into the air. I pictured all my worries floating away and dissolving into nature. I could hear Lily and Abbey breathing behind me. Our breaths soon matched up into a rhythm that created background noise to the silence we were sitting in. It took a few solid breaths to clear my head and fully be able to enjoy the present. A natural smile crept across my face as I began to think about where I was, my life, and my spiritual wellness.

How could someone not smile when they are spending a day hiking with friends in the mountains? How can someone not have self-realizations when they are in the open air and are able to take in the freshness of it all? That was were I was at: sitting on that cold rock in the mountains with friends, not talking but rather fully immersed in everything that was going on around me.

Even though we were not talking, I felt more connected to Abbey and Lily through the silence. Their energy was surrounding me and I could almost picture the stresses they were letting go of, and feel the smiles grow on their faces as well. Being able to sit with them and be present made me happier, and feel more connected to myself. My vibes picked up on their energy and channeled it towards my spiritual wellness.

I saw myself, sitting there, on the rock, smiling. I started thinking about my purpose as a human being. In the moment, I wanted my only purpose to be having internal harmony. That’s when I realized where I was going wrong in life. All a long I kept telling myself that I wanted to be a doctor, but in reality I have no idea what I want to do and I’m okay with that. I pictured myself working long hours in a hospital and all of sudden I could feel my energy turn from harmony to discomfort. That’s when I knew that maybe I was picturing future Sophia in the wrong way.

The sudden chills running up my body as the sun went behind a cloud interrupted my meditation. Entering back into my trance would be impossible. I accepted the fact that the present moment had past and it was time to keep hiking. As I stood up, I felt like a new person with an entirely new perspective of myself.

Written by Sophia Elek, WLLC 2015-2016



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