A Letter to my Dearest Enemy

Dear Finals,

Please leave me alone. You are no longer appreciated here. Please just go away, it would make my life a hell of a lot better. I know, I know, you’re for my “own good.” Well if my “own good” includes bringing grades down that I’ve worked 10 weeks for, I guess you’re right. I’m sure you’d love to hear that. You’re right. You’re right when I write and I’m wrong. Your ghostly white skin and black birth marks are the makings of pure evil. How it feel to be loathed and hated by everyone you ever encounter? I mean, nobody ever says “I love Finals!” It must be a lonely existence. Maybe I’d appreciate you more if I wasn’t constantly hankered down with work similar to yours. Most likely not, but it’s a possibility! Maybe if you changed your appearance to material from two months ago that I actually remember I would like you. Still, probably not, but it’s worth a try. What do you say to that, Finals? No? Well I thought that would be the answer. No wonder everyone despises you. You make life difficult. You impede my sleep schedule. I constantly spend long sleep-deprived nights studying in the library due to the anxiety you instill into me. You make me so angry. Honestly, Finals, you’re the most irritating person I’ve ever encountered. When you’re with me, I can’t sleep, my mind is crowded with useless thoughts such as “what is the trajectory of the sun if the earth is 45 degrees North of Mars?” I can never use your incessantly annoying information. I hate you, Finals, I really do. Please just leave and never come back. Please.

Yours Truly,

Brenna Flynn

As this blog post suggests, the stress of finals is really getting to me. In the past week, I have been drowning in homework. This week, I’ve really been trying to get all my work done. I probably do homework and study for about six hours every day. I’ve been surprised at how much I’ve forced myself to focus. Today specifically, I’m determined to finish all of my homework and begin studying for one of my finals. It’s a difficult challenge, but I know I can push through and obtain the grades I need to prevail. Everyone else can do it too! Just know, after this week, we have 6 weeks of complete freedom from textbooks and homework! Plus I don’t know about everyone else, but I can’t wait to see my family. The future after Monday of this week is bright!

Overall, this blog post has helped my emotional and intellectual wellness. Although it is something somewhat intellectual, it has provided me with a bit of stress relief by allowing me to express my harbored frustration with finals. Also, I like to be creative with personification, so it gave me a little thrill. This blog post has helped me realize I am going to be okay in the next few weeks and not to allow the stress to overtake me and turn me into a crazy, stressed, basket case of a person. I just know my own mind will get me through this week!

Written by Brenna Flynn, WLLC 2015-2016


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