The single most important thing I believe college teaches us is the concept of adaptability. The ability to adapt to wherever you are. The ability to change beside the environment in which you reside. The ability to continuously ebb and flow no matter what may be happening around you. The constant distractions of life occurring around you is essentially just a reflection of what is happening within. The universe proceeds to constantly speak to us through other beings and experiences to teach and guide us on our journey. It is up to you how you perceive the messages and interpret what is actually going on.


This is no easy concept to follow or even understand. At first, I questioned the universe, “How do you expect me to move from my own home with everything I need and went to half of a room that offers no personal bathroom or kitchen?” After some time of distress and being uncomfortable, I came to the resolution that the process of adaptability takes place once you learn to accept all things around and within you. Once you begin to understand the concept of acceptability, you begin to feel a sense of comfort that starts from within and slowly reflects in how you treat what is going on around you.

Being accepting and understanding to new life occurrences and situations takes time and maturity. It all comes from within. The truth of it all is that your outside environment should never really have control over you and your mental being. Obviously there is a specific line that determines if your environment is actually affecting you, but I am speaking from a spiritual level. If you are connected to your spirit, you will continue to ebb and flow no matter what environment you reside in.

I believe that all people can see and view the world from this perspective if they allow themselves to become fully vulnerable with the universe and trust what it may bring their way. This requires people to be able to pull themselves out of their physical beings and view what is going on around them from a third person perspective. By taking a step back and viewing yourself and others in the situation, it allows time to react in a mature and understanding manner rather than immediately reacting, which usually comes out as negative and forceful.


Understanding this complex concept has allowed me to become far more comfortable in this new college environment. It has allowed me to be more understanding towards other’s behaviors and actions around me. It has allowed me to live and to thrive in this new environment, when at the start I was not so sure I was going to be able to.

Now that I understand and view my surroundings from this perspective, it is only going to make all of the changes and transitions in the future far more smooth and doable. This new level of understanding has made me confident that no matter where I end up in the future, I know I will be able to thrive and evolve no matter how challenging things around me may be.


This newfound understanding has strengthened my emotional, mental, spiritual, and environmental wellness. If only one quarter of college has taught me this much, I’m thrilled to see what the next quarters bring me.

Cheers to the future and whatever the universe may bring us!

Written by Delaney Dickinson, WLLC 2015-2016


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