Finding the Now

During our wellness excursion I was able to participate in yoga for the first time. It was a very meditative experience, and afterward I was left in a state of euphoria and heightened perception that is similar to the feeling I get proceeding a meditation. This led me too take a yoga class a few weeks later and further explore this new art I’d been presented with. After the class I decided in order to express the feelings that originate from practices like meditation and yoga I would want to use poetry, rather than an essay form. This is the result:

To Be or Not To Be

To be yourself

To become what you love


To be

To become love itself


Surrender control,

Life’s gale blows

To the perfection of Now


To be

To tame the beast of thought


Locked into spirit’s cage

No escape

Only from outside

Can mind’s key unleash


To be



Only around that which is

Can one become All.


Written by Conor Sullivan, WLLC 2015-2016

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