Home Is Where The Heart Is, But Where is Home?

College is helping me grow as a person more and more every day. I feel a lot more emotionally well here than I ever have. I attribute this to constantly being surrounded by my peers. I feel less physically and spiritually well, however- I am not as in touch with myself as I like to be because of my lack of time alone.

I am and I am not excited to go home. I knew moving to the west coast I would grow attached to friends here and feel split between the coasts. I truly love all of my friends. I am sad to leave my new friends, while I am extremely excited to reunite with my home friends. I am, also, excited to have more time to get closer in touch with myself again, yet I realize that seeing people will have to be more intentional and planned which I am not excited for.

Going home for six weeks after life on my own will be an experience on its own. I am sure going back to living with my parents will be a struggle for me. I have always been very independent and this has caused tension the past few years with my parents. I hope that these past few months have given me the strength to suck my pride up and communicate with better ease with my parents.

Written by Kat Fusco, WLLC 2015-2016

jillian me hc

My best friend from kindergarten, Jillian

sara hanna sage josie katelyyn me troyboi

From Right: Sara, Hanna, Sage, Josie, me and Katelyyn going to a concert a few weeks ago

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