I will become who I am meant to be

Everyone says college is a huge transition, but it’s hard to understand this cliché until you actually experience it. Having gone through the first quarter of college, I finally understand what all of those people meant. It’s strange to look back on the quarter and think about how we all started during O-Week, completely unconscious of the friends we would make and everything we would accomplish in the next ten weeks. I remember my parents and older friends telling me that being at a school with a quarter system would make everything go faster, but I never entirely believed them.


As this quarter began, I remember being worried that I wouldn’t find my place, or find anyone similar to me. I was having a lot of second thoughts about choosing not to go to school in California, where I was comfortable and familiar with the area and people. As the first week went by, I felt like I would never get to know everyone, or that I would never get close to anyone. I was comfortable on campus and in my classes but wasn’t sure I would begin to feel comfortable with a specific group. I decided the best way to handle the situation would be to keep myself open to different types of people, to try and be mentally open to all possibilities. Ultimately, this helped me form the friendships that have come through in the last week of the quarter, and hopefully will last the next four years.

Compared to most of the people around me, I consider myself to have adjusted to college pretty smoothly. I’ve helped so many people who are struggling to let go of things at home or to adjust to the social situation here that in relativity I feel confident in my ability to adapt to a new situation. After all, most of college is adaptation. Eventually, we all will have to accept the fact that for the next four years we will be moving in and out every few months, and will pretty much all be living out of a suitcase for that period of time. But we are all going to move forward. The past quarter of college has reinforced the fact for me that everything happens for a reason. I am constantly reminded that things are going to continue to progress, and that I will become who I am meant to be.

Written by Anna Santoro, WLLC 2015-2016


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