Leave it All at the Door


Since before I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a doctor. I dreamed of helping the sick and caring for people. I want my own practice now and am always thinking of ways to aid my acceptance into med school. I want to help people, and medicine has always been the way to do that. Now I’m hitting myself because I never thought of what helped me: dance. Dance has saved me from so many things. It is my escape, my refuge, and my mentor.

‘When you walk into this studio, you leave it all at the door. Understand?’ Is the most important advice I have ever received in my life. My dance teacher said this to me during a particularly rough year. Dance was all I had. We had recently moved and the new school I was attending had turned a curious, outgoing, girl into a depressed, introvert. I slept most days away. Only on days when I had dance, did my somber cease. My dance teacher noticed things most people didn’t, or maybe she just wasn’t afraid to talk about them. She gave me an escape, she gave me dance.

This spring I had to give up dance. It was the hardest (and maybe worst) decision I’ve made yet. Since my last performance, I have debated changing schools, majors, career paths, amongst other things. Dance had always been my hobby and I loved it more than anything, but that was all it was. Now I constantly find myself thinking of the saying “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” because now that I’ve given dance up, I wish more than anything I would have chosen it over science.

I can’t wait to seek peace in the dance studio. I’ll leave it all at the door, take deep breaths and, glide into recorded movements. Meditating my mind, exercising my body. I’ll caress the music that fills the room, dancing along side me. Every inch of me excited and calm. When the music is over and I’ll take reverence, expelling the last of my energy into my performance. I will thank my teacher, the music, and the space. When I walk out the door, I will remember the things I’d left there, pick up what’s important, and leave the rest behind.

Written by Morgan Monahan, WLLC 2015-2016

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