Let the Music Pull You In

Music has always been a significant part of my life. I’ve never really been a huge musician or had a massive passion for a certain type of genre or artist, but I just have a general passion for music as a whole. Different songs have a way of bringing out my inner emotions that seems pretty unexplainable to me. A lot of people, including myself, have those experiences where they hear a song and are brought to a specific moment from their past that evokes old emotions that they didn’t even know they still had.


Although I don’t specifically have a band or a genre of music that I consider to be my favorite, there is one band that I have recently been getting back into that can practically evoke any emotion from me: Zac Brown Band. I’m writing this post about them because the past few weeks I feel like their music has just defined the way I feel. Their songs make me feel grateful for my life and free in my own shoes. I’ve found myself listening to their music with Abbey the past couple weeks to brighten my mood or to enhance my already bright mood.


My best friend and I at the concert last summer.

You can jump right in

Let the music pull you in

You can jump right in

Oh and lose yourself again

As the Southern wing sings again a island lullaby

Not only do the unbelievable harmonies of the band make my heart flutter, but the lyrics are so hopeful and optimistic that they make my mind and body just feel lighter. I had the chance to see them live a couple years ago and I was literally crying at how beautiful their music was and how beautiful it made me feel. I’ve cried to Zac Brown Band songs way too many times to mention. Tears of happiness, sadness, regret, hopefulness and gratefulness have run down my face while listening to their breathtaking harmonies.


This short line from “Free” kind of portrays how music makes me feel:

No we don’t have a lot of money

All we need is love

We’re free as we’ll ever be

Just as free

Free as we’ll ever be

I literally just feel completely free when I listen to any music. Free to feel whatever I want, free to do whatever I want, free to be whoever I want.

Written and Photographed by Kourtney Lesperance, WLLC 2015-2016


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