The Week Before Break

No sleep, hours of homework, and midnight snacks. Sounds like a typical college finals week. The bags under the student’s eyes no matter how much girls try and hide them. The weight gain this week is higher than any other week in school. Students that are typically very social become reclusive and spend every minute they aren’t in class working in their room or the library. The stress of this week is sometimes too much for some students. There is however advice for things that can help during this week.

Taking naps would personally be my favorite form of help during this week. After hours of studying taking a well-deserved nap is beneficial to helping you retain what you just learned as well as giving your mind a break so that it can take in more information. Another suggestion is when you are up late studying instead of reaching for the ice cream container, which sound so good, reach for some vegetables like carrots and celery. They will satisfy your hunger as well as add nutritional value to your body. After you finish studying a subject try and leave your room/library and find some people to socialize with. Socializing and face to face contact are good for reducing stress and making your brain happy. There are many things that can help make finals week less stressful and ways that can help make studying more beneficial for you.


Now that finals week is over and it is time to start winter break I feel relieved. This break will be a time to relax and rejuvenate. With all of the holidays coming up many family members will be seen and they will want to know how college is going. I will be able to tell them about all the hard classes I’ve had and the fun teachers. I will also get to tell them about what I’ve learned in wellness class and will get to share some healthy living with all the members of my immediate and extended family. I will set up a regular exercise program to get back into working out, regain a somewhat normal sleep pattern, eat yummy and healthy foods with my family, as well as destress with family games and movies. I am looking forward to this long six week break.

Written by Nicole Nielson, WLLC 2015-2016



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