Things to Do for Myself During the Winter Interterm

College is amazing… Truly, everything I desired and more.

Though, in constantly attempting to juggle academics, personal wellness, and my social life in the past quarter, I have come to realize that I have essentially left certain aspects of my personality back home. With this, I mean that throughout the past ten weeks, I have failed to practice several fulfilling hobbies and activities that I normally did in my everyday life before coming to DU. In an attempt to recapture parts of my character, there are several steps I will take to increase my personal wellness during the Winter Interterm. Hopefully, you can also take my objectives into consideration in developing your own set of goals to complete in order to exercise wellness in your own life as you take a well-deserved break from all the stress college has to offer.

  1. Revive my artistic side.

Prior to the first quarter at DU, I frequently expressed my creativity through various artistic outlets, from which I established a sense of self-discovery and balance. I enjoy to experiment with different art forms, ranging from abstract watercolor to portrait photography, along with other mediums of which was basically trial and error. Yet, that was what I valued the most – you don’t know whether or not your creation will produce an appalling, muddled mess or a stunning masterpiece. I wish to re-discover my love for photography and painting during the upcoming 6 weeks, which I can hopefully bring back to University in the winter.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 1.50.48 PM

  1. Reconnect with high school friends

Obviously, college is a melting pot of new, unique people… To have a healthy social and communal wellness, it is imperative that you find individuals you are comfortable with and have a genuine connection to. Unfortunately, in making new friends here, it is easy to slip in communicating with good friends’ back home. During the break, I feel like it’s extremely important to reconnect with those who have been with you through thick and thin – even if you no longer see them being in college.


  1. Enjoy time with my family

Being with your family (yes, even if they drive you crazy after five minutes) is so critical in having a content life, in my opinion. During the holidays, I will enjoy every second I have with my parents, grandparents, brother, and family pets, because that quality time won’t last forever and may dwindle in the coming years.


  1. Practice music

Almost every person I know has once exercised musical talents through an instrument, ranging from saxophone to piano. If you have access to an instrument during the break, take the leap and learn how to play it. Or, if you have Garage Band, mess around with different sounds and beats. The remarkable thing about music is that it will forever be a universal language of the human soul, an outlet for one’s internal feelings, beliefs, and ideas about existence. Also, go to concerts – they’re fun as hell!

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 1.52.49 PM.png

  1. Workout and eat healthier.

I used to workout at least an hour a day, four days a week back at home, however since coming to DU I have majorly slacked off on maintaining my physical wellness. My weight hasn’t changed, yet my mindset has… I am either “too lazy” or “too tired” to give 45 minutes of my precious time to exercising. THIS WILL CHANGE OVER THE BREAK, and hopefully I will get back into a beneficial routine that I can take back to campus. Also, I love to cook and bake, but obviously that is extremely difficult to do living in Centennial Halls. Over interterm, I definitely want to rediscover my passion for food, and eat better overall. Also, just for the record I partially disagree with Late Night because not only is it too late in the day to where there is no possible way to process the calories efficiently, but also the food is horribly unhealthy – but of course, by that time, everyone is craving shitty food.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 1.53.35 PM.png

I hope some of y’all can take my ideas for personal goals and mold them into your own. Nevertheless, be safe and enjoy the break and holidays! Be thankful for all the blessings you have in your life, and appreciate the time you have with your family and friends.

See you next quarter!

xoxo, Alina

Written by Alina Naismith, WLLC 2015-2016

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