Social Wellness Beginnings

Look left, look right, and see familiar faces

No matter where you go

People you’ve seen once before in all places

I’m watching my level of social wellness flourish and grow

Before I was concerned about making friends in a far away land

Had I made the wrong decision to leave home?

Would this college experience thing go as planned?

My questions in my mind continued to roam


Coming to DU I’ve become more aware of myself

I’m building a self-relationship while meeting others and forming a bond

I spent 3 hours in solitude, which was real good for my health

I hope I continue to feel this way at DU and beyond

I’m not lonely – instead I’m having a blast

While I’m ready to go home, I look forward to my DU return

The future is exciting, but I want to go home to visit my past

I’ll continue to better my social wellness from knowledge I’ve learned

Written by Toni Dunlap, WLLC 2015-2016


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