I Am Grace

Written by Grace Buck, WLLC 2015-2016

I have never considered myself a spiritual being. I was raised strictly catholic, attending bible school and mass twice a week for countless years, and absorbing values that were not even remotely close to my own. Once I turned sixteen, I was given the opportunity to make my own spiritual decisions, which led to nonexistent religious practice. I could be agnostic, potentially even atheist, but I don’t care for labels.

I have seen religion divide the world in many ways, especially over the concept of science. Over the years, I have developed my own moral compass, or more so my guiding principles through life, without a God. Now, some might say that the absence of God’s grace makes for a life not worUntitled.pngth living, but I live for myself in the moment and nothing to be expected after that. I wouldn’t say I don’t have a soul—although I have been told so before—but I do lack a connection with a higher power because the power I seek is within myself and that relationship is the most cherished of all. To me, Grace is an inner strength that flourishes and breathes like a flower. It is delicate, but if taken care of, it is the source of love and light in yourself and those around you.

Untitled.pngBecause of this, I never recognized my name with a religious connotation. I actually don’t like to even associate myself with religion at all, but I reflect more so upon the definition of grace as a ‘simple elegance’, although I’m more than complicated and often not as put together as I may seem.

The term can be defined in many ways. According to the Alphabet of Grace, it can be that of bliss, clarity, interdependence, pronoia. I embody all of these things, but I am not God’s Grace, I am just me. I don’t believe in a God; I believe myself, to which I hold standards and morals for. I nurture the grace that is deep inside me and for it I strive to do good. Grace is whatever you want it to be, but to me it is just who I am. The name does not define me; I define the name.


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