Written by Riley Robert, WLLC 2015-2016

Untitled.pngLast week in Wellness class, in between the snacks and fun times with friends, we discussed an article that Kate brought in on the topic of grace and what it is. After reading the article, I was concerned I hadn’t came to the conclusion she had wanted. The article had all these different definitions of grace, how it was the acceptance of what was around you, how it was flowing with your surroundings, things of that sort. This paper had over twenty different definitions of grace, and I struggled to relate to any of them on a deeper level.

Untitled.pngAfter some thought, I decided my inability to relate to this article was due to the word it surrounded, Grace. Grace to me is simply the way you conduct yourself in a situation, not a word that can cover such a wide array of topics as the article suggested. I felt like the word grace, in most if not all of the definitions, could have been replaced with the word love or acceptance, along with an array of other words that I haven’t taken the time to think up and consider.

All of this deeper thought on the meaning of the word grace and later on love and acceptance really got me thinking what my definitions of love and acceptance would be. That is, my personal definitions, how I would answer if I was asked in some random survey, or like a Buzzfeed video. These were the responses I came up with.

Love is wanting good things for someone, and wanting to be around them, even when you hate them.

Acceptance is embracing the vibes other people emit, even if they aren’t identical to your own.

The Grace article had a few definitions that are somewhat similar to these, so maybe I just needed to pin down my own definitions for the meaning of the assignment to impact me on a higher level. Either way, I liked how the article made me define two words that I’d generally taken for granted in my life.



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