The whole body check in!

Written by Nicole Neilson, WLLC 2015-2016

Wellness is all about getting in touch with yourself in many aspects of your life. In the week two practice about listening to what our body, emotions, mind, and inner wisdom I learned a lot about myself and found some peace in some areas where I was struggling. When listening to my body I learned that there are some easy things to do to make my body feel better which in turn makes me as a whole feel better. I’m not one who likes to sit and face my emotions, so being forced to look at them and figure out what they are trying to tell me was not easy or fun for me. It was something that need to be done for my overall wellness and it connects directly to having better emotional wellness. Listening to the wants and needs of my mind also ties into my emotional wellness because, for me, my doubts and insecurities are all in my head and they make me feel bad about myself. Telling my mind that these beliefs are false or looking at why I think these things and making peace with them ultimately making my emotional wellness better. As for the whole listening to inner wisdom, inner wisdom just kind of tells you what you need. You just need the time to sit there and listen to it. It connects to emotional wellness in that it kind of gets all your shit in order when you listen to it. It makes you find peace with the things that you have no control over as well as it makes you set goals on what you can change. The whole body check-in is a good way to start your day with just 20 minutes of time to get yourself in order. It is good for your own wellness.

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