Written by a WLLC Student, 2015-2016

This past week for our open-ended wellness practice I had a chance to get back into the habit of meditation – something I desperately needed. While I used to meditate solo on the reg, I have not been in a consistent practice in over a year. That’s not to say that I haven’t meditated in that time, but it has always been briefly in classes or randomly and spontaneously every couple months. While I do find the meditations we do in Wellness nice and relaxing, I get a little tired of them being guided. Guided meditation is relaxing and nice, but, it does not feel like it is helping me get closer to Samadhi, which is the reason I meditate in the first place. Taking care of myself (ie relieving stress) is important too, so I don’t mean to say that guided meditation is not valuable, it just isn’t quite as spiritual and emotional as silent independent meditation is for me.

The way I feel about meditating is similar to the way I feel about getting enough exercise – but meditating is even harder. It is exercise for your mind and soul. I know how beneficial these things are and I know I should do them often, yet they are constantly overshadowed by a typical busy life. The longer you go without exercising the more progress you lose and the harder it gets to return. I can still remember how it felt to be connected to my source and in touch with the energy systems of all beings around me including my self, but I can’t actually feel it anymore, and that can be very discouraging. Of course I have known this whole time that the solution is to simply go back to meditating. Nothing has stopped me but my own laziness, and now I am actually disciplining myself and getting started again. I am determined to get back in the habit of meditating regularly. I have been keeping in mind a Zen adage that my old meditation teacher would always tell us: “Sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day. If you do not have time for this, sit for an hour.”


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