Naturopathic Studies

Written by Delaney Dickinson, WLLC 2015-2016

Naturopathy is a study of which I very much support. Instead of healing with the use of western drugs that traditional doctors practice with, “Naturopathic practitioners seek to improve health by assisting the body’s innate capacity to recover from illness” (J. Sarris, 2). Naturopathic healing starts from with in. It starts by healing what’s wrong from analyzing what is off balance from inside and outside of the body. The philosophy behind naturopathy is, number one, to do no harm (Dr. Grigel). Naturopathy highly believes in the “healing force of nature” and to “treat the whole person” rather than just the ill parts (Dr. Grigel).


I really believe in this study for many reasons. One of the relying factors that makes me genuinely believe in this practice is the philosophy of the practice. The fact that these doctors are concerned with the person as a whole, rather than the parts of the person that needs assistance, is really reliable for one to gain over all health from seeing a naturopathic doctor consistently. This practice is also very prevention based. Most of the time, people are rushing off to doctors because their body is breaking down and its too late to make a change and cure the issue. For instance, once one has diabetes its too late. They now have an issue with their blood sugar for ever. If everyone were to see a naturopathic doctor consistently, I believe they would catch the predetermining symptoms of these diseases therefor preventing more serious diagnoses and creating a healthier world.


I feel that its very important that everyone knows that these naturopathic doctors still have to complete the same medical schooling that traditional doctors go through. Its what the naturopathic doctors do with their education that separates them from the traditional doctors. By incorporating the use of eastern medicine and holistic health they are providing a more well rounded and essentially healthier method of healing. Rather than, instantly healing with the use of drugs.


Not only do I really believe in this practice, but I can also see my self perusing it as a career in the near future. I am very interested in this practice. The only thing that makes me feel that it is not for me, is that in order to become a naturopathic doctor you still have to complete all the same medical schooling as traditional doctors. I know that consists of lots of science and math, and I am most defiantly not one for those two subjects. But, I am in fact one for holistic healing, close doctor patient relations, and being very prevention focused.


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