Skeptical Me…

Written by Chris Watson, WLLC 2015-2016

As a skeptic of a lot of this, the concepts that we learn in wellness sometimes seem a little farfetched and difficult to believe in. Ever since last quarter when I started this course the idea that these various practices and activities could heal my wellness was a somewhat difficult to comprehend. My original thoughts have been shattered through the experiences I have had over the past four weeks. This quarter I have participated in three of the four practices which were the rubber band challenge, the twenty minute journal, and the mediation challenge.

The first of these three was the twenty minute journal, as someone who detests writing this was difficult to get into my daily routine. However I noticed a significant difference in my overall mood and outlook on the day. The simple act of writing what I am thankful for and what I desire had a lasting effect on my entire day. After doing this and feeling interest in this subject, I reviewed over my notes from that class and was startled to see that even before I had done the assignment that I believed “It (writing) is going to not be helpful.”

The second of these challenges was the rubber band challenge, wearing something on my wrist was not something I normally did so remembering to put a rubber band on my wrist was equally as challenge at first. Like the first practice I was skeptical of the effects that it supposedly caused. Though out that week with the constant switching of the rubber band the realization of how much I complain it taught me not to be more gracious but that sometimes I need to step back from a situation (learned multiple time during this week).

The third challenge was to meditate for a week straight, and if you think that I was not skeptical of this because of the progression between the last two challenges, you are sadly mistaken. With no religious background I believed that I was a lost cause for this practice and this would be a week of me just scratching my head wonder what I was doing. Like the other instances in this class my original thoughts were broken and reformed to reflect the improvement and advancement of my overall wellness.

Through the twenty minute journal I realized that there was a lot to be grateful for even on the bleakest of days. While completing the rubber band challenge I realized that my best course of action when I get frustrated is to remove myself from the situation. During meditation I realized that sometimes the ability to look within and understand what I am truly feeling is a valuable asset in making my wellness as strong as it can be. After reading over my notes from this past week I read something along the lines of “Dr. Nature is cool like a cucumber… lol plant joke” and noticed just how interconnected aspects of nature and wellness are.

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