To Love We Must be Vulnerable

Written by Nicole Nielson, WLLC 2015-2016

This week we talked about love and vulnerability. We noted that many people our age tend to practice numbing techniques so that that we don’t have to feel vulnerable. We put up a wall to hide behind so that we don’t have to feel the emotion we don’t like. I looked at Walls Around Hearts and it said “We think these walls keep us safe. Somehow we haven’t learned. The walls we hide behind keep us from being loved keep anyone from reaching us.” This quote tells us that the numbing practices that many of us take part in, including myself, are actually hurting us. If we don’t let ourselves feel vulnerable then we can’t experience love. This wall that we have put up to protect ourselves will also keep love out and keep people from connecting with us.

Emotional wellness is all about feeling all emotions and being aware and accepting of that. You can’t deny feeling bad emotions like jealousy, vulnerability, and sadness and then expect to be able to full experience love, happiness, or any other good emotion. We talked about what vulnerability makes us miss out on when we are trying to protect ourselves from it. For me I know I miss out on fun opportunities because I don’t want to feel vulnerable when I’m meeting new people. “Some think those walls keep them safe. Others know different, their tears revealing how these same walls cut them off from loved ones on the other side of the walls.” This quote seen in Walls Around Hearts explains how we can think these walls are keeping us safe, but then we eventually learn that they hurt us because we cut ourselves off from people who actually love us and expectances we don’t capitalize on.


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