Self-Help Along with a Little Soul-Searching

Written by Abbey Churchill, WLLC 2015-2016

It was the middle of the quarter, and I couldn’t imagine anything I craved more than some yoga and meditation. The practice assigned for week four really fit my needs because I knew my body was longing for exercise that is both strengthening and soothing to my mind, body, and soul. In order to guide my practice, I chose to recUntitled.pngonnect with a yoga instructor whom I used to use on YouTube frequently last year. I found it very relaxing to follow the voice of a yoga instructor who I am actually familiar with. Although I love the ambiance of group yoga classes here at DU, it was very rejuvenating to just be with myself, in my room, generating my own positive energy which would radiate back to me. I also noticed that while sitting for an hour participating in a mindless activity, such as watching Netflix, is enjoyable on occasions, it is not always what I need to give my brain the reenergizing that it requires. I came to the conclusion that yoga and meditation are just what I need to calm my mind of stress, anxiety, and all of the negative emotions that may accumulate throughout the day. Like the article about the positive effects of complementary medicine on treating anxiety disorders points out: herbs and natural supplements help calm feelings of anxiety, but one also needs to figure out some type of self-help technique which works for her in order to receive a holistic treatment.


Along with using Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube, I also researched some other meditation videos, however, I didn’t have much success finding one with a calming voice or instruction that really worked for me. I also tried downloading a few meditation apps, but again found little success in those sequences. I actually thoroughly enjoyed an app that was designed for anxiety relief through hypnosis, so I think I will be easing my mind with that program for a while. This weekly practice related to wellness in a sense where it left me feeling uplifted mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. As the article about the Holistic Flow Model of spiritual wellness stated, “when an individual is in a state of balance and higher functioning, the spirit is like water, moving freely,” and this is exactly how I feel when I engage in yoga and meditation. I have had the intention for a while to get back into the habit of doing yoga and meditating more frequently, but always told myself I didn’t have the time between school work, clubs, and friends. However, this weekly practice just gave me that extra push I needed to establish a routine that I intend on continuing until the end of the quarter, and hopefully further.



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