Breaking Down the Walls

Written by Danielle Nebel, WLLC 2015-2016

Being vulnerable is very scary for most people, including me. It is hard for people to vulnerable because we are afraid of getting hurt so to prevent this we put up walls. In the article Walls Around Hearts by Omid Safi, he says,

“so many of us have fronts, masks, barriers, walls to guard the vulnerability of our own hearts.”

People think that by guarding yourself it is a way to protect yourself from getting hurt. By doing this it is actually making it harder to connect and form relationships with others because according to Safi it “keeps us from being loved, keeps anyone from reaching us.” Even though it may be difficult I need to learn to be more vulnerable by letting my guard down and stepping out of my comfort zone.


In most cases vulnerability has a negative connotation and is seen as a weakness even though it should not be. Most people do not even talk about the subject because it is uncomfortable for others to discuss even though many people are afraid of being vulnerable. According to Brene Brown’s podcast the Courage to be Vulnerable, vulnerability is something that people should embrace. While vulnerability may lead to struggles, Brown say that it is these “struggles that make us who we are”. By allowing ourselves to open up it makes people stronger and braver because it can be risky at times. Even though it can be risky, being exposed takes courage and allows people to face fears or problems that they try to hide and escape. It is worth the risk to let your walls down and open up to others because if you do not you can miss out on forming connections with others and it will separate yourself from family and friends.

As I learned about this concept in class during week 6 it made me realize that being vulnerable is not something to be ashamed of and is a healthy way to maintain my emotional wellbeing. It will allow me to accept my flaws and make me realize that I do not need to be perfect. The courage to do this will boost my confidence and I will not have to worry because I will be able to be myself. Nobody should put walls up to protect themselves, which can lead to stress and create an unstable emotional state. I aim to be vulnerable and break down my walls by stepping out of my comfort zone and being open to new opportunities.


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