Healthy Mind

Written by Cassidy Knipp, WLLC 2015–2016

Today more and more people suffer from mental illnesses. It is not uncommon for someone to be on anti-depressants, have a med-card, or any other medications. More commonly we see depression springing up in people’s lives more so than we should. Scientists have played around with different anti-depressants, and behind our backs placebos. Both seem to help the victim of depression control it a little bit better. However, it never fully goes away. We treat mental illnesses as something we can cover up—like “hey here’s a pill, so you won’t feel numb/hear voices/get extreme mood swings”. Why do doctors and scientists treat mental illnesses like a regular cold? These illnesses are way more complex and demand way more of our attention than a simple head cold.

“Approximately 30%–40% of patients with major depression have only a partial response to available pharmacological and psychotherapeutic interventions.” (Qureshi, “Mood Disorders”). What happens if we combine traditional medicine with alternative medicine to help fight mental illnesses? And what if on top of all that we also looked at the personal life of the victim as well, to see if there are any changes that could be made there too. This isn’t a one pill solves all solution. “Use of complementary medicines and therapies (CAM) and modification of lifestyle factors such as physical activity, exercise, and diet are being increasingly considered as potential therapeutic options” (“Complementary Medicine”). I believe there are a lot of contributing factors to mental illnesses, but I believe we can combat these illnesses by putting more thought into the antidotes.

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