Written by Alina Niasmith, WLLC 2015-2016

Here we are: Week 10. The dreaded week of excess finals, papers, projects, labs. The week where students are basically pulling their hair out with the overloaded stress. The week where the smart ones who finished their huge papers earlier in the quarter can relax a bit, and on the contrary, the ones (most of us) who cannot even breathe because we are encompassed in a wrathful sea of work.

One of the most important things to do for oneself, which we hinted on in class and completed a practice on, is to get enough sleep. During the Sleep Practice a few weeks ago, I tracked the total hours of sleep I achieved per night and only two of the seven nights did I receive less than six hours of sleep.

Well, unfortunately Week 9 & 10 are game-changers.

Partially due to intense stress, increased caffeine consumption, and limited time in a day to manage a demanding schedule, many college students find themselves pulling all-nighters and sleeping way less than the recommended 8-10 hours for our age group. But sleep is SO DAMN IMPORTANT! It rejuvenates both our mental state and physical body, which as you know is essential for maintaining healthy energy levels throughout the day. We NEED to be fully awake in our cognitive functioning to ace those final exams and crank out quality papers and projects.

“My overall wellbeing, including the physical and emotional realms, from a good night’s sleep is much greater in the sense that I am in a better mood and my brain is fully recharged.”

(Sleep Practice)

Therefore, I challenge everyone reading to, even if you have already, create your own sleep practice for Week 10. If you can help it, increase the amount of sleep you get each night… Your body and mind will thank you. Otherwise, have fun being “drained and not ready for academic and social responsibilities, significantly decreasing your quality of life” (Sleep Practice).

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