Being a part of Service Learning with M.Y. DU Yoga

Written By Delaney Dickinson, WLLC 2015-2016

Being part of M.Y. DU for my service learning project this quarter has been a wonderful experience thus far. It is only week 3 and we have made so much progress. Being that our group is the only student made and completely student run project, it has made things a little bit more challenging. Along with the challenge, it has also been very motivating that intriguing that M.Y. DU is entirely student run. I believe that this factor has made me more intrinsically motivated to make a difference and connect to our local community.


M.Y. DU stands for Mindfulness and Yoga at DU. It is a student run organization in hopes to create and provide times and places for students, and even faculty, to join together and connect to their breath and bodies. As of now, we are running two community yoga classes a week. Currently, we have a class on Sundays from 3-4pm and a candle light class on Wednesdays from 8:30-9:30pm. Both are being held in the JMAC class room and are being taught by me. We are planning on Kat and Lily to pitch in on teaching through out the quarter as well J. We are also planning on setting a meditation class one to two times a week along with an overall mindfulness awareness talk to be led by Conor and Michael.

Our main goal is to provide for students and faculty with an easily accessible and peaceful place to join together and relieve some stress. Along with this, we hope to inform as many people as possible about the importance of mindfulness and connecting to oneself. College is a very stressful environment at times, and it is essential to take time and love your self to keep a healthy mind, body and soul.

I have found that through the process of engaging in service learning I have connected to a part of my academic skills that I did not know were present. By working with fellow class mates and engaging with the rest of the DU community, I have learned the importance of connecting and collaborating with others. I have always been very independent, making group work not of my preference. But, through out my time with working with others here at DU, I have found that the more minds working together, the better.

The collaboration of multiple different perspectives, ideas, beliefs, and knowledge allows for tremendous room for change and evolution. After reading the Service Learning diagram article at the beginning of this quarter, I was not assured I was going to experience all that was expected out of service learning. Although, now I am finding that it is most defiantly personally relatable that service learning is both “a collaborative teaching and learning strategy designed to promote academic enhancement, personal growth, and civic learning” (Clayton, 2). I have already experienced my own personal growth and civic learning as I am guiding and connecting with others through my teaching of the yoga classes and group participation.


I am beyond excited to see where M.Y. DU goes. I can feel that this project is going to be of help to so many DU people. Perhaps, one day we will be at a place where we can take M.Y. DU off campus to help all people in the Denver area. As we work to making this group an official club here at DU, I expect to see a lot of change with in the group and what we hope to provide for our community. As I continue here at DU the next 3 years, I expect to see this club soar and continue to expand. I am more than grateful to be apart of such an impactful service group and am ready for all the experiences it may bring my way.



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