The Heartbeat of the Community

Written by Toni Dunlap, WLLC 2015-2106

Communities are the heartbeat of the universe

Every person belongs to one

There’s ways to help our communities and prevent situations from getting worse

Ways to be involved, without always reaching into a wallet or purse

Continuing from last week’s post, let’s talk about a new form of service-learning

Since communities envelop our world, “community building” service-learning is quite relevant

It’s a way to help with community issues that are concerning

And to develop ways to spark change by discussing community needs and discerning

It defined as, “Developing public dialogues and organizing community discussion…

around social issues relevant to the work of the college classroom.”

Its great way to highlight over looked issues and/or community corruption

A way to stop ignoring signs of possible community destruction

My group’s project with CME has some community building aspects involved

We are planning an event to bridge DU community gaps and spark important discussions

We’re not expecting to have one event and then all problems will be solved

But we plan for this project to be continued and to get our community involved

One struggle with community building projects is that it can be difficult to get people on board

Especially those who may not be open-minded or assume they won’t benefit

When people are connecting, having fun, and learning, it’s easier for them to be on one accord

A successful event means these event planning challenges can’t be ignored

Our project needs to be creative, sustainable, and helpful; it needs to make an impact

At our next planning meeting we will give ideas of how to reach large crowds

We need a diverse audience and panel; an atmosphere of honesty, opinions and facts

We want to promote community at DU; not just for one day and one act

Now’s the time for you to think.

What are some challenges one of your communities faces?

How can you involve yourself in service learning project to help your precinct?

Perhaps your involvement with community building can be more powerful than you think!

Until the next blog,

Toni D.


“Models of Service Learning”. Class document.

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