Defining the Grey Areas

Written by Sophia Elek, WLLC 2015-2016

Sexual assault and consent are two grey areas. People avoid talking about them because there is no easy answer. Other times people avoid the topics because it makes them feel uncomfortable. DU CAPE is an on campus resource whose job it is to educate students so there is no feeling of discomfort. CAPE also is able to provide answers to those grey areas in which students are uneasy. However, a lot of students are unaware of CAPE and all that the group has to offer.

Athena, Brenna, and I have grouped up with CAPE in hopes of spreading awareness. There are few steps in doing so.

  1. We met with Gillian and brainstormed ways of getting people to like the DU CAPE Facebook page. We also talked about ways of researching how other colleges and universities spread awareness about sexual assault and knowledge of consent. The third topic of our first meeting was to talk about the Consent Carnival which DU holds every year on Driscoll Green.
  2. Athena, Brenna, and I collaborated to talk about how we were going to make a booth for the Consent Carnival. Are final conclusion was that we would create a list of situational questions, ones we feel college students often find themselves in. These questions will be displayed on a poster board during the carnival and students will have the opportunity to answer the questions anonymously. In addition to answering the questions we will have prepared, the students have the option to ask us directly about questions they have related to sexual assault and consent. We will have tips for them.
  3. While simultaneously planning for the Consent Carnival, the three of us discussed ways of researching how other colleges and universities deal with sexual assault and consent. Our conclusions was to have each of us reach out to people we know at other schools and ask them. This method seemed to be the most proactive way of gaining information.

One of our goals through participating in the Consent Carnival and having students like the DU CAPE Facebook page is that we create conversation. Conversation leads to awareness and awareness leads to knowledge. By providing students with a space to talk to us, they will hopefully feel connected and maybe not so alone.


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