Our Project: DU Career Center

Written by Sarah Thomas, WLLC 2015-2016

Our service is that of helping seniors have a better start on outside of college life. We are working with the career center in order to accomplish this and hope on starting an awareness campaign for job loss based on failed drug tests. Like we learned in class, we must communicate to coordinate meeting times. Soon we will be meeting with a larger group from the career center in order to learn how to most effectively communicate with seniors about this topic.

We are working with a community indicator project. “Community indicator projects are those where communities have a vision for a sustainable future and have established ways of tracking their progress” (21). We hope to keep track of our accomplishments in order to be able to better share them at the end of the quarter. We also hope to be sustainable in our efforts so that this program may continue in the future by establishing a guidelines as to how to continue our efforts.

We are also taking advantage of a Delphi group. “The Delphi group approach is a technique for gathering data that is similar to focus groups” (29). We hope to gather data through talking with both seniors and career center employees in order to identify helpful trends. As the pasta exercise highlighted in class, teamwork is key in all this. Working with others, including our group members and staff really alleviates a lot of the burden of completing a project. It also makes it more meaningful in the long run. Although we are only just starting to form a solid base on this project, I’m hopeful about the direction it is going in.

Source: Book 3 the Engagement toolkit

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