Wellness LLC Blog Post: Public Good Through a Student Eyes at DU

Written by Danielle Nebel, WLLC 2015-2016

As a student at the University of Denver one main theme that the school prides itself on is projects, events, and activities that serve the public good. This idea is stressed in the course reading A Case Study of Institutional Visioning, Public Good, and the Renewal of Democracy: The Theory and Practice of Public Good Work at the University of Denver by Fretz, Cutforth, Nicotera, and Thompson. Serving the public good is so important to DU that even a public good vision statement was added to the school to encourage students to get involved on campus and in the community as well as being integrated in classes.

As a student in the Wellness LLC I have had the opportunity to partake in serving the public good through my service project this quarter with the DU Career Services. According to the course readings the “campus community generally agrees that public good is a broad spectrum of activities that include, but are not limited to, service-learning, community-based research, public scholarship, community building, policy development, advocacy, and volunteerism” which I am doing in this class to make a positive and lasting impact on the community (Fretz, Cutforth, Nicotera, and Thompson). By encouraging students to take an active role in the community it provides them with new skills that can be applied to experiences that can “result in our students becoming not only educated people but also creative individuals who are open to experience, and possess a sense of responsibility for solving problems and taking ownerships of projects in the community” (Fretz, Cutforth, Nicotera, and Thompson).

I think that this LLC project also contains the class concepts of a community based service learning and community based advocacy project that shows students are taking action and serving the public good that DU encourages in this article. As a participant in the project I am creating relationships with a community partner and advocating opportunities while providing information to students that relate to career services. Even though my project is not finished yet I have received hands on experience working in the community and can already tell that it is going to provide helpful information in regards to future careers for graduating seniors at DU.



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