Working with CAPE

Written by Athena Wilkinson. WLLC 2015-2016

Through this service-learning project, I have been continually learning and growing. As Patti Clayton’s article states:

“Service-learning is a(n)…educational experience in which students participate in an organized service activity that meets identified community needs.”

Through working with my follow Wellness LLC members and with CAPE, I have definitely found myself learning, both about working in a group and with an organization and about sexual assault in of itself. There have been moments thus far, especially in the beginning of the quarter, where things have been unclear and communication not the best. And, as said in class, the best service-learning projects have open communication and trust, otherwise it’s not an enjoyable experience. Learning through those brief moments of confusion and stress, the project now has a more clear goal and we now have more clear communication, both between the Wellness members and between us and our community partner.

Also in Clayton’s article is stated how “Service-learning is the various pedagogies that link community service and academic study so that each strengthens the other.” CAPE is an important aspect of wellness in terms of emotional (supporting members of the community), physical (being safe from physical harm), and other aspects. Using what we have learned throughout this year in Wellness is useful for this service-project and to fully serve the community. Therefore, our academic knowledge is coming into play and impact members of this DU community and we are also gaining great knowledge about service learning and about sexual assault.



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