Do-yoU Pubic Good?

Written By Delaney Dickinson, WLLC 2015-2016

For my second blog post of this quarter, I decided to focus on the idea of “public goods”. I read Re-thinking the Definition of “Public Goods” and Public Good at DU. I found both articles very interesting but also very different. I found that I was far more interested in the Public Good at DU article over the Re-thinking the Definition of “Public Goods”article because I found it far more comprehendible and relatable. The Re-thinking the Definition of “Public Goods”article was an economic review blog so it was filled with a lot of large terms related to the economy that I did not understand. It was very hard for me to read through and understand. But, the Public Good at DU article was awesome to read. I find it so cool that DU makes such an effort to do good for the public around the campus and in Denver.


In May of 2003, the annual Provost Conference decided to focus on how the university permits public good and what that should look like at DU. They came up with “five tasks necessary for the university to achieve its vision of becoming a great private university dedicated to the public good: (1) clarify the institutional vision; (2) reform budgeting and establish new funding sources; (3) create a mechanism to coordinate and sustain individual and unit-level initiatives; (4) expand tenure, promotion, and merit raise criteria to recognize public good work; and (5) develop an institutional culture of collaboration” (Public Good at Du, 88). These five tasks were then, and still continue to be, the “themes and goals for the integration of public good work at DU” (Public Good at Du, 88).


This social and community wellness quarter entirely supports what came out of these 5 public good tasks that DU set. We, as a class, are taking what we have learned and are helping others by engaging in the outside community by working with local organizations. The act of sharing what we know with the community outside of DU represents strong community and social wellness along with multicultural wellness and emotional wellness. We are all doing and engaging in some what different projects, but essentially we are working towards the same thing; creating valuable change in hope of supporting the public good in the best way that we can. This realization for me of how much DU cares for the public good has just reinforced that this is the right place for me even more.


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