My Interpretation

Written by Kourtney Lesperance, WLLC 2015-2016

Reading this really freaked me out, to be quite honest. I always thought that pregnancy, my (future) pregnancy to be specific, would be such a straightforward, fluid process. Once I got pregnant everything else would just come after, I never thought about things that could happen in between that time. To me it seemed like a step by step process that would just automatically proceed to the next step successfully.

I have always looked forward to having a baby of my own, not that I would any time soon, but I am just excited for when my time comes. After reading this essay, the image of pregnancy in my mind changed from a smooth, joyful process to an extremely unpredictable one. It got me thinking about how just because a person can get pregnant, doesn’t always mean that they will end up having a perfectly healthy child. Similarly, in life, nothing is ever guaranteed. Everything in life is uncertain. You should never take anything for granted because you never know when you might lose it. If it sounds like I’m stretching this simple story about a mother losing her child into this profound life lesson, well, I probably am, but it doesn’t change how I interpreted her story.

I really think the moral of this tragic story is that when something great happens in life, you should be thankful for it as much as possible and never take it for granted. Life is so unpredictable, so we should appreciate every single thing about it.


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