Community Project

Written by Cassidy Knipp, WLLC 2015-2016

For the duration of the quarter, I have been working with Career services. Our initial thought was to target graduating seniors, but we were uncertain what topic we wanted to tackle. Then during one of the meetings Carolyn told us that a new issue had been brought to her attention from alumni resources. The topic is about Marijuana and drug testing. The topic has just recently sprung to peoples’ attention, so we are part of the leading front for figuring out a solution.

We have been brainstorming— “developing creative solutions to problems” (Engagement Toolkit)—throughout the quarter trying to find the best way to bring this issue to students’ attention. At the fair, we presented three posters with different advertising to see which poster was favored. The poster regarding how long marijuana stays in the system won the most votes. From the survey, we now know what students care about. From our research, we have learned that if a company does a hair drug test, then the applicant needs to be clean of marijuana at least 6-12 months, but hair tests are rare. General rule of thumb is about 30 days if you are a healthy active person (The Weed Blog). Most people don’t want to straight up ask how long they have to stop smoking, so we are thinking an anonymous question answer setup on the career services webpage would be beneficial. “61.8% of companies surveyed said they test employees” for drugs (High Times). That’s a lot of companies.

Most students are unaware of how large the number of companies actually testing is and that this is a growing problem in their demographic. In order to have effective engagement we will “build relationship with the community and other stakeholders” (Engagement Toolkit). We will build relationships with the alumni center and career services and also students and companies so that way the largest amount of people are informed about the subject.

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