Discovering Differences

Written by Anna Santoro, WLLC 2015-2016


Working thus far to create DU Mindfulness and Yoga (MY DU) has definitely been an impactful experience. At the beginning of the quarter I was not sure what to expect, since all of the other members of our class were working with non profits or very established companies that had specific or general ideas of what they wanted each group to do. This at first presented itself as a challenge, since it required everyone in the group holding each other accountable, which can be difficult in college with conflicting schedules and levels of interest. But after about two weeks I realized that this is the exact level of freedom that I enjoy. I love being able to create something where nothing existed before, especially something that benefits the people around me. The article I read about a case study of Public Good at DU states that as the definitions of “public” and “good” are intertwined, the phrase “becomes a search for harmony and understanding within contested and dissonant cultural spaces”. This search has defined our work for the past 6 weeks.

Though our group definitely has come across some conflicting mentalities, I think we are all ultimately beginning to understand each other better in a way that has improved our group work, not in spite of past conflict but in light of past conflict. It was easy to see from the activity we did in class at the beginning of the quarter with building a structure using spaghetti and candy that our group displayed fundamental differences of thought that would have a great impact on our project. But as the article about Community-Campus partnerships states, “differences can be seen as either positive or negative”, and they are what we make them. As our project has progressed, we have been able to use our differences in positive ways to maximize all of our different abilities.

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