Intergenerational Wellness

I am working with Kavod Senior Life and I have honestly really enjoyed my time there. I have had the chance to participate in some cool activities such as bingo and fitness fun and meet some really cool people. I’ve heard some stories in the elevator that I probably didn’t need to know as well.

My group’s goal for this project is to increase the amount of volunteers and visitors that go to Kavod. The people who live at Kavod love when Nikky, Jacob, and I come to visit them. They love telling us stories about where they come from and their growing up. The first time we went to play bingo there was this lady who saw Nikki was drinking coffee and told us about how she was from France and how the French start drinking really strong coffee (expressos) basically at the age of two. This lady also coincidently looked exactly like the mother in Our Big Fat Greek Wedding.

We are making a video for our project and we have gotten some great pictures with these people as well as some super cute videos. On our trip to Kavod for fitness fun we got a cute video of Nikky and myself with a little lady from Mexico named Virginia lifting 3 pound weights. She was so excited to be in our video and lifting weights with the young girls.

My experience at Kavod has introduced me to so many different kinds of wellness. The two forms of wellness I have really seen and learned the most about though this is experience are multicultural wellness and relational wellness. With a lot of these people being Russian I have learned a lot about their culture and heritage. When one of their friend pass away they all stop by the visitation and tell stories about their friend and their friend’s life. It’s a much bigger deal and celebration than the visitations I’m accustom to. I also see relational wellness being the other type of wellness that is a huge part of this experience. The people at Kavod get so excited when they see us and just want to talk to us about any and everything. We spend just about as much time learning about their lives as we do doing the activity we are attending. It makes the people at Kavod happy to spend time with us and it makes me personally happy after is spend time with them and learn about their lives and experiences.

I will be sad when my time at Kavod comes to an end, but for now I have nail painting to look forward to doing for the ladies at Kavod tomorrow morning!


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