Making Progress

Written by Abbey Chruchill, WLLC 2015-2016

This quarter I truly learned how difficult it is to coordinate a group project in college. For starters, I’m sure every group has experienced the difficulties of finding a time to meet or work on the project while attempting to accommodate for each group member’s schedule. Although we live in the same floor, eat in the same dining hall, and use the same bathroom, it is without a doubt hard. Regardless, we make it happen. I think our excitement to work with the kids at Fisher Early Learning Center is still outweighing the burden of having to progress on a group project.

So far, we have been visiting Fisher at least once a week, and have finally gathered the supplies in order to start individual plants for the children! We are planning on going in one day to help the teachers facilitate the kids pouring their own soil into their cups and planting their own individual seeds. Once the seeds sprout, we will transfer them to the larger garden bed that Fisher already has from previous years of gardening. With this transfer, the kids will see how something so small can come together and create something large and beautiful. I think that the kids will be truly amazed at what happens to the plants as they progress through life, especially when they finally have the opportunity to eat some! In addition to the active planting process, Alina, Lily, Kourtney, and I have crafted a book to read to the kids after their seeds have been planted. The book focuses on integrating small yoga poses that are associated with the life of a plant. For example, the kids start out in “seed pose,” which is essentially child’s pose, to represent the seed of the plant. After that, they progress into a series of simple and kid-friendly yoga poses, leading up to “tree pose,” representing a full-grown, mature plant. I think that the teachers will really love this book because Fisher has been trying to integrate yoga into the curriculum for quite some time now, but this book is the perfect combination for the kids to learn about both the life of a plant and mindfulness.


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