Planting With Kiddos

Written by Kourtney Lesperance, WLLC 2015-2016

So, although it’s taken awhile to actually get into Fisher and start planting with the kiddos, it was definitely worth waiting for. After the book was finished, I was so excited to finally start working hands-on with the kids. We went in one day and went right into the planting. For the first time, we were only working with three kids. We started by reading them the book and then having them do the actions as well. My favorite part was when the kids had the seeds in their hands and the book told them to squeeze them tight and send all their love and energy into it. The little kids shut their eyes and squeezed their hands as tight as they could. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. They probably didn’t really understand what they were doing completely, but their effort was much appreciated and very adorable. They kept repeating the phrase “my plant is gonna be strong like me!” when we read that part of the book to them and told them to show their plant how to grow up strong and tall. It was clear that they knew that they had a part in how well their plant grew. That was one of the good parts about it. Of course, since they were young, it was hard to keep their attention on it after watering the plant. The yoga portion of the book also came with a little bit of resistance, but the kids got into it a little bit and wanted to show their plants how to grow. Overall, I think it increased, if even slightly, their awareness of where plants come from and how they can have a part in their plant’s growth.


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